Our Mission

Fashion Made in Africa Initiative

The Fashion Made in Africa Initiative aims to generate global visibility of African inspired fashion designers, achieve the stocking of African apparel in U.S. boutiques and department stores, and harness the fashion industry to create economic opportunities for young and talented African designers. LaBré Bazaar is a grassroots effort that works with local artisans from the Kente weaving villages of Adanwomase and market women in Kejetia to top African Fashion Week designers.

The global fashion industry is $1.3 trillion with sub-Saharan Africa’s apparel and footwear market valued at $31 billion. In Africa, the entire textile/clothing market accounts for the second largest number of jobs in developing countries after agriculture. In the next five years, the industry could generate $15.5 billion revenue.  We desire to have “Fashion Made in Africa” become a global norm and to build a global diasporic community connecting people through African inspired fashion, art, and culture. 

LaBré Bazaar

LaBré Bazaar is an online bazaar for African fashion where you can shop international African fashion designers and artisans.  LaBré Bazaar exists to provide African fashion designers and their products with increased access and exposure to the international market.  Through LaBré Bazaar, we are investing in African economies by providing supply for the rapidly growing global demand for constantly rejuvenated, quality African fashion products by sourcing them directly from African designers who showcase and sell their apparel to an international customer base. As with the LaBré fashion line which primarily employs women, a population who is often the most disenfranchised, LaBré Bazaar also primarily features female designers.

Job Creation

LaBré fashion line exists to increase economic growth in Ghana through job creation.  All of our products are handmade by Ghanaian designers, seamstresses, and tailors.  We are committed to primarily employing women artisans, a population who is often the most disenfranchised.  LaBré fashion line deliver a unique, stylish collection of African inspired apparel that embodies West African and diasporic aesthetic while offering constantly rejuvenated quality products.  LaBré is committed to promoting heritage and traditional fabrics through modern design by producing compelling fashion forward aesthetic.