Threads of Africa Exhibit

Threads of Africa explores African inspired designs through LaBré Threads of Africa Gown Spring 2017 Collection.  The showcase includes a selection of modern styles through wax print fabrics that embodies West African and diaspora aesthetic.  As a part of LaBré's Fashion Made in Africa Initiative, the gowns on display include Ghanaian and Nigerian designers, Ami Yomekpe of Afro Mod Trends (Ghana), Stephanie Melanie Owusu of Melanie Crane (Ghana), and accessories by Dede Reelia Kouevi of Unique Reelia (Togolese American).

The Threads of Africa explores fabrics that are traditional to the continent and the origin of those that have been imported and adapted into West and Central African culture.  The African print market is overwhelmingly void of African ownership. We aim to complicate the narrative surrounding what is known as African prints.  Is it neocolonialism that West Africans do not manufacture on a large scale that which represents them? Before the 1960s every fabric sold in West and Central Africa was manufactured in Europe. The list of top beneficiaries in the African print market is void of African ownership.  Are these fabrics that are rooted in European colonialism and not originally intended for African markets “African”?  Are these fabrics the result of cultural appropriation?

Join us in exploring the threads of Africa.


 Art Sanctuary

March 7, 2017 - April 15, 2017